What is the ETA?

The Engineering and Technology Academy (ETA) is a Smaller Learning Community at Doherty Memorial High School.

The principles of this program will be a common thread throughout the Academy Experience. All students will learn to use:

·         The Engineering Design Process
·         The Scientific Method
·         Microsoft Office Package
·         Internet Explorer
·         AutoCAD 2009

Students will have the opportunity to learn and use:
·         Laboratory instruments
·         Graphing calculators
·         Hand tools
·         Power tools (e.g. CNC, mitter saw)
·         Electronic circuits, Meters, and programmable Logical Circuits (PLC's)

Program Key Features:

  ·         An emphasis on project-based learning practices
  ·         The incorporation of technology in all subjects
  ·         An increased focus on parental involvement
  ·         The use of curriculum mapping to develop thematic interdisciplinary units
  ·         Bi-weekly staff and guidance meetings to facilitate communication between students, parents and teachers
  ·         The use of AVID (Advancement via Individual Determination) a college preparatory program that emphasizes strategies to improve organizational skills and study habits needed to succeed in the rigorous academic program of study.
  ·         Emphasis on developing literacy and writing skills across the curriculum
  ·         A flexible block schedule in grades 9 and 10 that includes an advisor/advisee program
  ·         Senior internship or co-op opportunity

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Engeering and Technology Academy at Doherty Memorial High School