Program Mission
The engineering and Technology Academy is a personalized learning environment with high expectations where students receive the support needed to successfully complete a rigorous course of study. Students will engage in activities that will demonstrate the connections within various disciplines as concepts are reinforced in multiple contexts. With involvement from parent and community members opportunities for learning with extend beyond classrooms walls. The Academy is designed for students, parents, staff and members of the community to work collaboratively to ensure the success of every child. Academy graduates will have the knowledge, experience, confidence and problem-solving skills required to be successful in their future endeavors in our ever-changing world.

Program Vision
The engineering and Technology Academy is a community of diverse learners that stressed mutual respect, individual responsibility, integrity and a commitment to academic excellence in an atmosphere of support and collaboration. In the Engineering and Technology Academy students experience connections between subjects as they strive to solve complex, real-life problems that require them to work both independently and with others. Academy students will demonstrate mastery of concepts through various forms of assessment including learning fair and exhibitions.

Engeering and Technology Academy at Doherty Memorial High School